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Latsons Business Technologies is specialized in preparation and renovation of houses, Sales and Service Centers, offices and banks, Franchise shops and business centers.

We also specialize in the field of communication industry, installation and preparation of telecommunication sites including MSC Sites, MGW Sites, DWDM Sites, BTS Sites, co-locations, electrification of the locations and renovation of existing co-locations.

In response to the growing need of telecommunication as well as banking sector and infrastructure development there upon, we have trained ourselves in delivering high quality work and excellent service as per client’s requirements and specifications while meeting their deadlines.

Our Services

As a broad-based technical professional consulting firm, we offer a complete range of services to help our clients maintain a competitive edge in their respective markets.

- Design - Construction - Renovations
- Operation and Maintenance - Electrification - Infrastructure Development
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Our Mission


At Latsons our mission is to enhance the competitive advantage of our customers and to improve the speed and convenience in the working by providing them with innovative, secure, cost effective quality services.

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